Medical Response Systems for Seniors

Just a call away

Emergency assistance is just a button away with our medical response systems for Seniors. Electronic Caregiver Premier is our mobile GPS medical alert and personal security system. This system is perfect for our more active and independent clients. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and provides protection anywhere that our clients go.

Some of the features of the ECG Premier include:

  • – Geolocation Tracking
  • – EMT/EMD Certified Operators
  • – Stylish Wearable Accessories
  • – Customized Activity Detection
  • – Personalized Medication Reminders
  • – Fall Detection (Optional)

Is it a little flashy?

pendants for the ecg emergeny response systems for seniors

Rose-colored, ice blue, and blue-on-blue are some of the wrist pendant colors available with an ECG Premier system. The pendants resemble sports watches and smartwatches. With several colors to choose from, and a low one-time cost, customers buy two or three, so they can change it up every day. For a more rugged look, we offer the standard black and grey pendant and our camouflage version. That one doesn’t flash, though. Instead, it blends right in when out hunting or fishing.

Flashing colors on the handset too?

The variety of wrist pendants are not the only thing flashy about the ECH Premier medical response systems for seniors. Flashing colors are a quick and easy indication of what an ECG premier system is doing. Blinking red indicates that your wearable is not in communication with your handset. The green flashing means your handset is placing a call on your behalf. Consequently, solid green indicates the call is connected. If for some reason, you need assistance and cannot verbally communicate with the operator, you can tell what is happening with your system by these indicators.

Activity and Medication reminders can be confirmed using the square message button located on the handset. When that button is flashing green, you have a pending message or reminder. Press the message button to confirm your medication or activity reminder.

Is it plugged in or no?

For your safety, the Electronic Caregiver Premier can place a call when it has been turned off. This is an integral feature of our medical response systems for seniors. It only needs a sufficient charge on its battery. You can still place an emergency call, even if the LEDs on the Electronic Caregiver are off, by pressing either the EMERGENCY button on the premier or the wearable. Keep in mind that it will take a few extra seconds to make the call because it must first turn itself on.

The wearables have a battery designed to last for two years, but a new wearable will be required to replace the old one. Warranty replacements are provided through Electronic Caregiver Customer support at 833-ECG-LIFE. Extension number two.

Stay in touch with loved ones

cell phone to use for telehealth

Your loved ones can keep in touch with you using the RemoteCare 24/7 app. RemoteCare 24/7 is a service included with most packages. With RemoteCare 24/7, you and your loved ones can monitor vital signs, check device battery levels, send reminders, check the local weather, and more. They can send a reminder message about a scheduled visit to the doctor, the library, or the grandkids! It’s a beneficial feature in medical response systems for seniors, especially.

Your registered address and the physical location of the Electronic Caregiver Perrier are vital in identifying your location during an emergency. Please do not move the Electronic Caregiver to another address without notifying ECG customer support at 833-ECG-LIFE.

When you leave your registered address, remember to bring your handset with you as well as your wearable pendant. Use the micro USB port in the handset for charging on the go. RemoteCare 24/7 can be easily downloaded from the Apple App or Google Play store.

Telehealth in Medical Response Systems for Seniors

telehealth in emergecy reponse systems for seniorsSometimes we just feel a little off-center, not really ill, but not really sure. We certainly don’t want to wake our kids in the middle of the night for a trip to urgent care if we don’t need to. That’s just a couple of the reasons we included pocketMD Telehealth services into our medical response systems for seniors. It’s a perfect way to receive professional intervention and to know for sure if an in-person trip is necessary.

pocketMD is a 24/7 telehealth solution that can be included in any ECG packages. This telehealth feature provides an instant connection to a telehealth desk operator who will confirm your identity. They also collect information about your system. Your health record is then placed on file with HIPAA compliant pocketMD.

An alert is placed on a free exchange network, and the first available physician will contact you within one hour. They can even call in prescriptions for non-emergency care to avoid late nights or long waits in ana urgent care full of other ill people. pocketMD is fast, convenient, and will serve up to seven people in your household for an unlimited number of consultations.

Check your Vitals at Home

The Electronic Caregiver Pro Health offers 24/7 emergency response, monitored health and medication reminders and the ability to record health vitals with Bluetooth biometric devices.

One of the features for our next level-up system, the Pro Health system, also includes the option of checking your vitals at home. These days it seems it’s more important than ever for us to be an active participant in our personal healthcare. We know of no other medical response system for seniors that offers this option. Still, we believe it’s crucial for some and a lifesaver for others. Specifically, we are so convinced this ability to monitor your vitals is vitally important, no pun intended, that we wrote about it in detail.

Medical Response Systems for Seniors have come a long way

There is a multitude of systems in varying degrees of quality to choose from in today’s marketplace. Medical response systems for seniors should be products that embrace the depth of daily assistance offered as well as the seriousness of the purpose for which it’s purchased.

ECG spent years researching what was available, what was not available but should be, and how to make each product user-friendly, customer-centric, and affordable. We never require a contract. If our quality product and high-quality customer services can’t keep our customers, they deserve to go somewhere else for a system. Therefore, we don’t require contracts, we don’t charge for the system base and we only ask it to be sent back upon termination of service.

Electronic Caregiver understands that purchasing medical response systems for seniors is not to be taken lightly. Additionally, we don’t take the after-the-sale service lightly either. Never have, and we never will. It’s not how we do our business, and that is our most important feature of all.

A Speedy Emergency Response

In conclusion, you can find out more about Electronic Caregiver Inc. and all of our products on this website. You can locate an Electronic Caregiver Care Partner in your area by clicking on our Connect Map. And we are always happy to answer any of your questions if you contact us at 833-324-5433. And, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay up with the most recent ECG news and stories.

As you set out to decide which one of the emergency response systems for seniors will be the right one for you, we wish you well. We hope your health stays in good order, and mostly, we wish you a speedy emergency response should you ever need one.