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It can be challenging to know if you or a loved one needs a health monitoring device. It can be even more difficult to decide which device to get. Electronic Caregiver makes it easy by personally assigning a Care Partner to you to assess an individual’s needs, and pair them with the complete system that’s right for them. Learn more about our products by reading our Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find the answer you’re looking for, ask us by using the form below or visit our Connect page

Activity Detection2019-11-12T15:52:33-07:00

The Pro Health console provides customized detection that verifies activity. If a challenge renders a person unconscious and unable to press a button, we’ll know something is wrong, and an alert signal activates the emergency response facility.

Can I Purchase Your Devices in Stores?2019-11-12T15:53:26-07:00

Electronic Caregiver devices are distributed solely through our Master Care Partners. Offering our products directly to the consumer allows us to get to know the nuances of each of our customers and to meet their needs fully. Life is not one-size-fits-all; our systems aren’t either. Find a Care Partner near you to start the discussion. 

Family Care App2019-11-12T16:02:33-07:00

Customers who purchase the Premier Series 1 or 2 or a Pro Health package have access to our Family Care App. The App is available to both Android and iOS users. The Family Care App helps coordinate care and client support with authorized friends and family. 

How Do I Know I Need a Medical Alert System?2019-11-12T16:03:34-07:00

Chances are if you are asking yourself if a system is a good idea starting a conversation with one of our care professionals is a safe bet. Some indicators can include; falls, unable to perform necessary daily living activities such as bathing, forgetting to take meds, past the age of 65, and living alone.

Medication Reminders2019-11-12T16:05:19-07:00

Electronic Caregiver systems are equipped with personalized, monitored medication reminders to keep you on track with your care plan. If there is no response to the reminder, our care professionals will check to make sure you’re okay. Be reminded about blood sugar tests, upcoming doctor appointments, or medication schedules so you can continue living life uninterrupted.


PocketMD is an option offered through Premier, where at the touch of a button, a customer can get connected 24/7 to a professional, qualified physician licensed in their state. A consultation can be made over the phone, from the comfort of home, and in many cases, a prescription can be called in. Electronic Caregiver customers love the convenience of PocketMD.

Rapid Response Care Professionals2019-11-12T15:55:09-07:00

On the other end of your Electronic Caregiver device are trained Rapid Response Care Professionals. You will never be alone during crises. Our team remains connected to you during emergencies, monitoring, reassuring, advising, and assessing until a responder is kneeling at your side.

Who are your Care Partners?2019-11-12T16:06:39-07:00

Electronic Caregiver Care Partners have hands-on knowledge about all that caregiving entails. Some of our partners operate their caregiving businesses, and most of them have been a caregiver for a loved one. They know caregiving compassion first-hand. These are some of the reasons we partner with them; and why we train them to assess your needs and match you with the best product for you. Call a Care Partner in your area. We know you’ll love working with them. 

Wrist Pendant2019-11-12T16:07:06-07:00

A wrist pendant is included in all of our health monitoring packages. It is a stylish, submersible band equipped with emergency assistance access. The portable device is operated by cellular service, so no need to be tethered to a landline. With GPS, be protected wherever you go. This lightweight, attractive, safety device is worn 24/7. It provides reliable protection, and because it doesn’t look like an emergency alert pendant, our clients love wearing it!

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Our Promise

The Premier Series 1 and both Pro Health packages offer pocketMD. At the push of a button you have 24/7 access to on-call physicians. Remember, even Ben Franklin knew that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

In knowledge, there is great power. Monitor your blood pressure, oxygen, blood glucose levels, temperature, or weight as often as you’d like. Talk about the information with your doctor at your next regular checkup. Stay in the know about your health. You got this!

Don’t fear independence. All of our products are equipped with an alert button, connecting you to trained EMT operators in moments. We will stay on the line with you in times of crises until emergency responders are by your side.

Don’t wait to for an appointment with your primary care that could be weeks out for non-emergency visits. Choosing a package with pocketMD will grant you access to a medical expert at the click of a button. Before you schedule your doctor’s appointment, talk to an on-demand physician to see if your symptoms warrant an in-office visit. We will help assess your situation and advise you on the best course of action.

At Electronic Caregiver we understand that caregivers are true heroes. Our electronic care giving devices work hand-in-hand with your caregiver and supplement the invaluable in-home services provided by them. They can use the Family Care App to track your medication schedules, locations, and more.

When you choose a Pro Health package you can take full control of your health and your life. Track and monitor your vitals for blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen, and heart rate to ensure you’re living your fullest life.

Forgetting to take medication is a universal human fault. Young diabetics and middle-ages persons with high cholesterol can benefit from the electronic test and medication reminders provided in all Electronic Caregiver packages. From our Premier Series 3 to the Standard Pro Health package, ECG customers will never have to worry about missing another test or dose of medication.

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