A team of public health researchers at New Mexico State University launched a demonstration project this summer in partnership with the Las Cruces-based Electronic Caregiver to evaluate the feasibility of an automated telehealth system that monitors COVID-19 symptoms.

Osasere Emovon, a second-year master’s student in public health, looks over consent forms from Steve Fraze, a professor and department head in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, who will participate in a project to evaluate an automated telehealth system that monitors COVID-19 symptoms.

Public health researchers from New Mexico State University’s College of Health and Services will conduct a six-month project to evaluate the feasibility of a telehealth system developed by Electronic Caregiver. The participants in the project – approximately 100 NMSU students and employees – received Electronic Caregiver’s Premier telehealth system, a touchless temperature probe and a pulse oximeter. Researchers from the NMSU College of Health and Services’ Department of Public Health Sciences will conduct the project over a six-month period, using a telehealth system developed by Electronic Caregiver called Premier. Professor Joe Tomaka will serve as the project director.

The project, part of NMSU’s commitment to providing a safe environment for learning and working amid the coronavirus pandemic and recovery, will include approximately 100 volunteer participants – 60 employees and 40 students – from the Las Cruces campus.

“We’re working with NMSU to provide our Employee Protection Program through our Premier device tailored toward a research model,” said Timothy Washburn, chief clinical officer for Electronic Caregiver.

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