electronic caregiver telehealth neighborWho doesn’t remember when we knew our neighbors, and knew we could count on them? Even State Farm developed the famous phrase that summed up that good feeling: “Like a good neighbor….” Now, few of us know our neighbors or even remember the qualities of a good neighbor.

As younger families move into the neighborhood, elderly relatives may feel isolated. In this modern, phone-centric world, more often it seems that people live their lives indoors. As a result, it is harder and harder to count on caring neighbors who know and care about us.

Sarah Friar, the CEO of the neighbor-focused app Nextdoor said, “In the 2019 World Economic Forum panel on loneliness, experts discussed how technology is fueling loneliness and the empathy deficit in our lives, despite the promise of bringing people closer…. a Cigna study found that over 40% of adults report feeling lonely.”

Depression as We Age

Feeling alone in the world can lead to feelings of depression. This mood disorder is very common among older adults, according to the CDC. Late-onset depression is usually caused by negative life events. Many of these events are, unfortunately, common occurrences. Death of a spouse and physical illness are common culprits. Both are isolating. According to the Census Bureau, nearly 15% of the U.S. population is over 65, when chronic health conditions seem to start or worsen. That’s over 47 million people. Additionally, 34% of women over 65 and 12% of men over 65 are widowed. Those numbers are likely to be greater after the 2020 census.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, there is a considerable chance of a decline in function as we age. They state 70% of people over 65 will need support at some point. So how does that fare for those that wish to stay independent? Add to that, that neighbors largely are no longer known and helpful people? Sad to say that the qualities of a good neighbor have dwindled with the rise of technology.

Your “Neighbor” in Electronic Caregiver

There is great hope in using the same technology that has separated physical neighbors to build a dependable safety net for ourselves or our loved ones. Even if you don’t know your neighbors, with Electronic Caregiver you always have a friendly voice and someone looking out for you. With the Premier system, a 24/7 mobile security and care support system, seniors can summon help for a dangerous or confusing situation with the press of a button. Certainly, it seems to highlight the good qualities of a neighbor everyone should have. Not only can Electronic Caregiver help seniors with “staying in place,” but it can enhance their lives so that they are “growing in place,” “living in place,” and even “excelling at life in place.”

qualities of a good neighborElectronic Caregiver is like having a calm, wise neighbor to call when life gets confusing. Within seconds, responders answer the call after you push the large, easy-to-see Medical Concern Button on the wrist pendant. It is also easy to speak to a professional immediately by pushing the big button on the two-way voice unit. It’s an instant connection, in more ways than one. There are good people, concerned and intelligent, on the other end of that line.

A High Trained Response Team

These responders on the other end of a two-way voice call – who are they, and why are we so confident about them and their ability to help? To begin with, Electronic Caregiver works in partnership with the professionals at Rapid Response Monitoring Systems. Rapid Response is a large, respected industry leader founded in 1992 and employs over 550 highly trained responders in state-of-the-art monitoring centers. Rapid Response only selects the most dedicated people to work as operators and responses. It is a difficult process to pass. Responders go through a thorough training system that lasts approximately six weeks. There is formal classroom training, observation of real-life calls, and the exciting last phase where the new responders answer calls under the watchful eyes and listening ears of a mentor sitting right next to them.

The people monitoring clients’ calls are fully trained. On top of that, they also work in a corporate culture imbued with the ideals of service to others. There is great pride in helping and understanding a vulnerable population. Constant training and improvement to be truly worthy of their roles are essential. The Rapid Response culture emphasizes the life-enhancing and even life-saving work they do each day. No wonder there are so many long-term employees there and so little turnover.

We’re There For You

Won’t you let Electronic Caregiver help decrease isolation, fear, stress, danger, and missed medications? Forget delays in getting help for falls and accidents that our most mature adults face. Let us change that bleak landscape into a lush future where loved ones flourish in comfort. With a sense of peace, increase confidence and safety, and more interaction. Electronic Caregiver and our Rapid Response team — we are the new kind of neighbor we need. Don’t forego the qualities of a good neighbor.